About the Program

We are providing launch pad for pre-seed projects by providing product support, hub services. Join us in a bespoke Incub8 Program to define and build your project.

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Startups accepted into the incubation will be provided a boot camp followed by a 10 Week-long training program and a collective demo day.

incub8 will also help selected start-ups in various areas, including developing prototypes, business plans, focusing on 8 elements such as white papers, marketing strategies, community engagement, legal support, advice, tech resources, PR/Marketing, and fundraising efforts.

The Eight startups will be the first “fellows” of incub8's Incubation program, will be selected out of over 100+ applicants to each receive knowledge, contacts, visibility, and fuel of funding in Q2 of 2021.

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incub8 includes mentorship and advice from “experts in the Crypto startup, Defi and blockchain space, to support early-stage open-source development projects.

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incub8 will bring its industry contacts, which are expected to help Startups to expand through industry-focused assistance.

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incub8 will provide Start up Resources, Networking Session, Investor Introduction, and Series of Events in Crypto, Defi, Blockchain Innovation space to Start-Ups.

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With the possibility to get Government Grants, Investor Matchmaking, and Community Funds, Incub8 Startups will have fuel of funding to support their prototype development, infrastructure including office space and accommodation for founders at Blockchain Village at Medini- Iskandar.

incub8 is here to support early-stage projects that are helping to create disruptive solutions for larger utility and enabling growth in the crypto, defi, and blockchain industry.