Why incub8

incub8 is a global community fostering the growth of innovative crypto, Blockchain, and other emerging tech startups, that connects the startups with the appropriate entities required to support the growth of the startup ecosystem.

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  • growth

    DeFine how you'll grow.

    Innovation is tough. Incubation shouldn't be for an idea that is going to innovate the world into the next level of progress and properity. Fueling the growth factor, incub8 is an all-inclusive platform where like-minded visionaries come together - for each other!
  • agility

    DeFine the speed of progress.

    When your eyes are on the next unicorn idea you need to be agile enough to draw the right resources into your flight plan. INC is a single-click solution to provide rapid support to your dream.
  • community

    DeFine the right equation.

    They say if you want to go fast, go solo. But, if you want to go farther, go together. incub8 is a community of future-believers who complement your vision and give the much-needed bonding that helps you expand your word in less time.
  • consistant

    DeFine your path clearly.

    With the super safe and highly transparent DAO protocols at work, the INC token lets you be much more than just sure about its certain future while the whole ecosystem of incubators, accelerators and mentors create a highly conducive and confident environment.
  • scope

    DeFine how big you will be.

    The right time to investing in the future is now, and with a massively progressive platform like incub8, you will be practically rubbing shoulders with top-drawer venture investors, a number of successful angels and VCs that would take your unicorn idea from nadir to zenith into time. You'll also find the best talent pool and a highly integrated ecosystem to rapidly grow into and b catalysts for the growth of others too.
  • order

    DeFine a seamlessly growing world.

    incub8 is a movement predicated around creating global, permission-less financial applications to add the momentum to the unicorns of tomorrow. it's a secure and confident world of compound growth where every idea worth its salt now just see the future clearly but grow at the pace that it deserves.
  • infinite

    DeFine your next move.

    In an era of global convergence of talents, technologies and trends, incub8 provides you a rock-solid platform that is built on the principles of composability - by connecting a unicorn idea to be best investors and talent resources and allows everyone to integrate, emerge and excel - to offer unique products and services through the use of smart contracts. In order to do that incub8 has a 30fold strategy of combining the power of three rapidly growing industries: cryptocurrency, de-fi, and affiliate marketing.
  • vocal

    DeFine your own world.

    A highly dedicated community of individuals who wants to shape this world into a better place by exchanging ideas and bartering better ways of doing things. a platform is a close-knit group who'll ensure the next best thing happens through a series of right change along the path and remaining strongly together for everyone.