A constantly engaged community of investors, entrepreneurs and developers who imagine novel ideas, creates and promotes new projects to bring innovative products to market.

Startups are much more than just a revolutionary idea and incub8 is here to prove that.

With the right resources at their disposal, startups have the potential to change the dynamics of society and bring meaningful change. Especially the deep tech startups including Blockchain and DeFi startups, their potential of bringing technological advancement needs to be brought out.

The 21st century has already tasted the power of startups and we have only scratched the surface. Innovation is a never-ending thing and it is always on the brink of revolutionizing the world. However, this innovation needs to be supported, encouraged, and cultivated in order to help it grow.

Token Distribution
Distribution INCU Token Sale INCU Rewards INCU Allocation
Seed Round 4444
Private Sale 8888
Staking 13332 13332
Liquidity 13332 6666
Founders 4444
Ecosystem Partners 4444
Incubation Reserves 13332
Advisors 1115
Team & Ambassadors 1115
Community Rewards 4444
Total 39996 19998 28894
Utilisation of Funds
Revenue Model
Avenue of Revenue Model Module / Platform
Subscription for Premium Access Start-up and Investor Database Equity Exchange
Transaction Fee To Invest in start-ups 1% as Payment Gateway
Equity Percentage of Raise Equity Offering
Tokens Incubation / Advisory Token Sale Platform/ TGE
Tokens Transaction Fee Token Exchange
Listing Fee (INCU/ Paired tokens) CRYPTO / FIAT Start Up / Equity Exchange
Smart Contract
Partners In Progress
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Blockchain Ecosystem Partner